Click here to purchase Anatomy of Hatha Yoga from Amazon Monthly Update - June 2018 You are looking for a book that shows pose modifications or sequencing Yoga Challenges Yoga Poses You appreciate simple explanations and photos (black and white) You would like to try to feel better using meditation Click here to purchase Eastern Body Western Mind from Amazon Blog Beginners Monthly Update - July 2018 Get Started! Namaste! You don’t want a book that blends eastern philosophy and western medicine All of the yoga books below have that potential. Each one grabs you in a different way and teaches you something new about yourself, about yoga and about life. We hope that this guide will help you choose the book that is ideal for you at this moment, or will help you choose the perfect book for a friend, colleague or family member who also loves yoga. Help Click here to purchase Anatomy of Hatha Yoga from Amazon Blog Comments You would like to learn how to compress meridians using yoga User Login Click here to purchase Insight Yoga from Amazon You would benefit from a relatable explanation of the limbs of yoga Blog You enjoy learning about anatomy Yoga Styles You don’t want a book that blends eastern philosophy and western medicine Bloopers and Outtakes Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving Through Stillness by Erich Schiffmann You don’t like inner exploration Search form Click here to purchase Meditations from the Mat from Amazon Remember me You don’t need to learn about how yoga relates to the energy systems This book is a personal reflection on the life and philosophy of one of the most talented teachers of our time. Arlene Bjork had a way of inspiring and guiding her students to explore the deeper truths and aspects of yoga, while offering true insight into how to incorporate yoga in all aspects of your life and how a regular practice will enhance your experience of living. If you are a teacher, you will learn to make a more profound connection with your students, one that will manifest both on and off the mat. In addition, it offers a personable interpretation of all the aspects of yoga philosophy that often seem inaccessible to most practitioners. Functional Anatomy of Yoga: A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers by David Keil Understanding functional anatomy has the potential of transforming not only your practice, but your relationship to your body. This is by far the most impressive guide to functional anatomy and yoga that I have seen to date. David's unique approach makes learning about anatomy easy for anyone, while completely satisfying anatomy geeks who love to learn all they can about muscles and bones. The manual begins with basic principles of functional anatomy, then helps you understand how they work within many of the yoga asanas.  David's descriptions allow you to feel what he’s saying in your own body. There is so much to learn from this book that it could very well be your go-to yoga anatomy reference manual for years to come. Instant karma by helping us give free yoga to your fellow yogis You don’t mind simple, black and white photos You would like to learn how to compress meridians using yoga You are experiencing problems and would like to try to understand why Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith You enjoy yoga books that are short and sweet, sincere and down to earth All Yoga Classes (A to Z) | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Contact Us | Yoga Glossary | Subscriptions You don’t mind simple, black and white photos You do not enjoy reading about anatomy and physiology Erich Schiffmann takes a unique approach to yoga practice that may shift the way that you do yoga. Schooled in the Iyengar and Desikachar approaches, Schiffmann has a uniquely gentle, transformative approach to alignment and body awareness. His easy-to-follow yoga pose tutorials, yoga sequences and perspective on yoga practice help you stay centered in your practice and calm and mindful in your life. He covers meditation, pranayama, the essence of yoga practice, lines of energy and asanas to create a wonderfully comprehensive book on yoga. You don’t like learning new approaches to yoga practice

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Featuring over 170 yoga postures, this book is an illustrated, step-by-step guide to achieving each posture, including how to move into the pose, the gaze, build-up poses, counter poses, how to lighten the pose and its effects on the body and mind. The Yoga Bible also has a general introduction to yoga, including what yoga is, some yoga philosophy, common styles and suggestions around getting the best out of your practice. You could say that this is the best comprehensive yoga pocket book that exists – although, you need a very big pocket to fit it in! You would like to have a yoga reference book that is easy to carry around Search form You feel the way you do yoga now is fine You like to learn how to apply yoga to your daily life You wouldn’t find a large pocket book to be useful Peak Pose Challenges Comments Anodea Judith has a knack for writing about chakras and psychology in plain language that anyone can understand. Eastern Body, Western Mind is no exception – it’s wonderfully written and provides countless thoughtful moments and epiphanies. It is not just a book to read, it is a ‘workbook’ for healing the soul’s wounds that have accumulated over a lifetime and an attempt to teach you how to live in a healthier, more balanced and self-loving way. Our Teachers You feel the way you do yoga now is fine Log in or register to post comments You are a yoga teacher looking to teach more than just the poses David Procyshyn's blog Don’t buy this yoga book if: Baron Baptiste is a wonderfully vibrant, down-to-earth yoga instructor who honors both the light and serious sides of yoga practice in this wonderful book on yoga. It’s inspirational feel throughout engages the reader and Baron’s bare bones approach to yoga makes it relevant to everyone, no matter where you are in your practice. Baron will help you see your practice differently, discover how your experience on the mat relates to your life overall and help you feel more empowered by giving you practical tools that you can put into action in your daily practice. Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit - A Return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi You want a brief summary of yoga rather than something that goes into detail Community You prefer a book that focuses mostly on philosophy, not asanas Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar You would like to better understand your psyche and belief system كتاب اليوجا يدخل السير | كتاب اليوغا نيوزيلندي كتاب اليوجا يدخل السير | دفتر شيكات كتاب اليوغا كتاب اليوجا يدخل السير | كتاب اليوجا المفكرة
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